It is the big day with the one you love. It is your wedding day. The tables are set, the flowers are in order and the band is ready. Before all this happened you had you bachelor or bachelorette party and your engagement party. The memory of those parties will last a lifetime. How can you forget the laughs, the pictures, the celebrations, and all of those great engagement part favors that your friends went home with that day. Well there are plenty of party favors that are out there but determining the best ones is what keep people remembering your wedding for years to come, even a lifetime. Your engagement part favors should be special and original. Something that no one has ever seen before. At least something that will catch the eyes of the people who attend you party the people they bring it home to. You wedding should be an experience to remember including your engagement party. Why not do it with style. Here are a few ideas for party favors that are sure to get you remembered for years and years to come. You and your spouse to be will not regret reading this article, so be sure that you do so.

Have you ever gone to a party and had a sweet tooth for something chocolaty? Here is your chance to fulfill those needs and have people remember your party all at the same time. With custom kisses chocolate candy, you can have them with the name of you and your spouses name on them or a great saying that everyone in you party can remember. It will be a great suprise to have your guest eat such a wonderful treat all while remembering what kind of relationship you have with that special someone that you will soon be marrying.

Also there are things that are just plain creative, like the diamond ring wine stopper. While you are having a good time celebrating your upcoming marriage with a fancy glass of fine wine. You can show off this great stopper that is sure to turn heads as you pop open a good time and pour it into a glass. How original it is for you to open this cool looking bottle in front of everyone to reveal the wine that you will be serving. Everyone loves wine, why not get several for all the people who show up so that they can show it off and tell the story of your party for many years to come or at the very least mention your name when people ask where they got that great wine stopper that they are using. No matter how it is used the diamond ring wine stopper is a great engagement party favor.

Coming up with party favors can be fun, just be original, come up with ideas and think about new ideas that most married couples have never come up with. Never let anyone who attends your party leave without being amazed.